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Our Services

Our members provide a broad range of services including, and not limited to:

  • Insurance valuations

  • Independent valuation of artwork for the purpose of buying or selling

  • Valuations under the Federal Government’s Cultural Gifts Program

  • Valuations for family division and deceased estates

  • Valuations for superannuation funds

  • Buying and selling advice (procurement and re-sale)

  • Auction room advice

  • Collection management

  • Installation and hanging advice

  • Restoration and conservation advice

  • Storage and transport advice

  • Art commissions

  • Arts administration

  • Estate management

  • Media and other written statements

  • Research

  • Project management - this can be in relation to one work or an entire collection, for private collectors or corporate and public entities

  • Floor talks/educational programmes on a broad range of subjects according to specialisation

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