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The Art Consulting Association of Australia (ACAA) is a professional industry association linking art consultants nationally and providing information and links for individuals, business and government seeking the services of a consultant.
The purpose of the association is to represent, promote and further the interests of art consulting as a professional endeavour in Australia.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance and strengthen the commercial aspects of art consulting. We believe that the establishment and maintenance of a set of ethical standards is fundamental to sustained growth and commercial success of the industry.

Our Members

As an association we welcome a wide variety of consultants as members who specialise in a range of different fields which include, but are not limited to, advisory services, valuation, collections management, arts writing, curatorial services and research. A complete list of our current members can be viewed in our members listing.

Policy Document

ACAA Policy document is a working document designed for association members. It is to facilitate the growth and development of the association and to assist members in understanding our structure, aims and purpose. It is anticipated that the document will grow and significantly alter with time.

Download ACAA Policy Document 


The Constitution sets out the ACAA's objectives, along with guidelines, rules and regulations governing membership and meetings, as well as the responsibilities of the Executive Committee.

Download ACAA Constitution 

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