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How to Join

Art consultants wishing to join the association are required to seek approval from the committee by demonstrating:


relevant tertiary qualifications, or equivalent


industry experience in at least 2 of the above fields, or equivalent
  1. commercial gallery

  2. public arts institutions

  3. auction room

  4. consultancy practice


two referees at least one of whom is a member of ACAA. Additional referees may be sought from either of the above
  1. Gallery director, or

  2. Senior staff at major auction house

The association recognises that there are art consultants working within a multitude of contexts. We seek to represent all professionals and to present a transparent listing of members' interests in order to allow for clear ethics and industry credibility. As much information as you can provide will assist in your application. Please contact the Administrator for further details.

Membership form


To apply for membership, please complete our membership application form and send with a brief CV that meets the requirements specified above to
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